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5 Best Ways To Make Money In A Lockdown Period (Both With Your Phone & Laptop)

I’m certain the reason why you came here is that you need money dues to the lockdown?, You need to take care of that thing that’s important?. Nevertheless, there are ways you can earn some cash in times like this. This topic most emphasize on making money in this lockdown period.

Yes, we know its a time where everyone stays at home and wish they were in that particular place they used to be, I’m certain You missed that your workplace, School, Church, Being with friends. Yes, Me too – I miss those periods, But then, Today I’m going to teach you how you can make little cash both with your Phone & Laptop in this pandemic period.

But, firstly – you need to ask yourself if you have a worthy skill to keep you ongoing. I see people watching movies every day, playing around, sleeping, and many other things that may not be the best option now. Now, Let’s begin the listing of things you can do to make little cash today.


Trust me when I say “I made over $50 per week while working with a tailor who made 100 pieces of cotton face masks“. This is because nobody wants to go to the store to get a face mask that they would only wear once and dispose; people actually need a mask that they would use, wash, and re-use (better option). Get a tailor, work with the person, make some face mask & sell – people would buy.


Here’s another powerful tool that brings cash with ease and no stress. Everyone is at home and wants to surf through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Whatsapp, and have fun, but one thing here is very common; They all require Mobile Data. This is where you come in.

By selling data to third parties, you get the chance to make a profit from every data sale. WHO SELLS DATA? “A data reseller is simply someone whose business is made up of buying of telecommunication network’s mobile data in bulk for later reselling to customers (end users) or another data reseller (a retail data reseller) who acts as a middle man between a supplier (a wholesale data reseller) and the end-users”.

All You need to do is buy Mobile data from Network operators in bulk at a very cheap rate and then you re-sell to a third party – They only work required here is pushing your ads on social media, friends, and family. “They Buy, You Make Money”.


Its a very simple process making an alcohol based hand sanitizer that works (kills germ). The article & video below would give you a better guide to making a simple Hand Sanitizer. “Sell & Make Money”.


This may sound funny, but trust me, Its a real deal. Lot’s of comfortable people out there are ready to give people money, they are ready to help. It’s really no big deal trying to join the train – Who knows, you could be very lucky. Funny enough, since October 2019, I’ve made over $150 dollars on giveaways :-).

Do Online Business With A Skill (Optional)

Do you have an amazing skill that could get you some money? Do well to start promoting yourself by telling people. Go on WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram and other Social Media platforms and start telling the world what you do. You may sure meet luck. For those who have no skill, I wrote about Top 5 Online Business/Skill Idea That You Could Learn in a very short period and start making money from there.

No one is really comfortable with this lockdown, but what we know and we are sure of is that it would most definitely end one day. Use it wisely and make sure you don’t regret staying at home. There are lots of other opportunities out there that could fetch You the money you need at the moment, Don’t stop searching.

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