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5 Top-Rated Online Business Ideas In 2020 That Could Get You $1000 Per Month

Note that there are 1001 ways to make money online and to buy that dream house & dream car today. A growing number of people are starting their own online businesses, and it is easy to see why because it can bring so many perks. It allows you to work remotely and from home, which has several distinct benefits, plus you get greater control over your work so you can enjoy a better work-life balance. Not only this, but many different types of online work could prove to be lucrative and good fun, whether you are looking to earn a little extra on the side or make it your full-time income. Here are a few of the best of the online businesses to start.

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Online Tutor/Consultant

If you have expertise in a field or a particular skill, then this will always be an excellent way to earn money. You can make money as a tutor or consultant, and this is a type of business that can easily be run online with the use of videoconferencing software. In essence, a few examples of tutoring or consulting that you could provide include:

  • Foreign languages (or English as a foreign language)
  • IT
  • Musical instrument
  • School subjects
  • Health/life coaching


In a time where content is king, there is a strong demand for high-quality writing, and this is also a type of business that you can run entirely online. Clients will need great content that can be used to promote their brand, show their expertise, and increase their visibility online. If you consider yourself a wordsmith, then this is undoubtedly an online business worth considering and can be lucrative if you can build a reputation and know how to find work.

Graphic Design

Similarly, there is a constant demand for great design in today’s day and age, including websites, logos, sales pages, and promotional materials. Those that have the skills and a good eye for design can find great success by starting an online design business, particularly once you begin to build a portfolio of your work.

Online T-Shirt Store

Ecommerce is, perhaps, the most popular online business, and this is for good reason because it is such an enormous industry. There are many different types of online stores that you could start. Still, an online t-shirt business is a smart idea because this is a wardrobe staple that everyone wears, and the global market for custom t-shirts is expected to eclipse USD 10 billion for 2025 so you will be selling a product which is trending and predicted to grow in popularity in coming years.

Affiliate Marketing

All businesses need to use digital marketing to succeed in today’s market place with affiliate marketing being one effective and popular strategy. For you (the advertiser), it merely involves earning a commission by promoting a brand/product/service on your website – it is helpful to have excellent writing skills (as above) along with basic SEO knowledge to succeed as an affiliate marketer.

Anyone looking to start a successful online business should consider the above, all of which are smart business ideas to start in 2020.

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