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How Business Uses Technology To Gain More Customers (5 Ways)

Here are a few powerful tips on how you can grow your business and gain more customers using technology. Every businessman, woman, or entrepreneur out there wants to make a profit from whichever investment they have made from their target audience & customers. I’m guessing You are either here because you feel there are technology strategies in which you can grow your business or ways you can start up a business that runs with tech. Yes! This is the right place.

We’ll be listing some ways on how you can grow your business using technology products and technology strategies without going through a whole lot of hard work trying to grow that business.

Get A Website For Your Business

70% of people around the world today use the internet, and this only is enough reason for You to get that business a website where people can connect to you – Stay Accessible.
Note that there are lots of customers out there who stay home or anywhere and uses their phone to search for products & services online.

Your business would most definitely be on the safer side when people search for services on the internet and gets to find you. When you have a business website, its one powerful way of using technology to gain a strong online presence and a competitive advantage.
NB: It’s important that your business website is as responsive for mobile, and that’s because almost 80% of Internet user comes from a mobile platform.

What are you waiting for? Start up a website for your business today and see your business grow to grace.

Start A Blog Related To Your Business & Target Audience

One of the fastest to reach a target audience is by writing an article and sharing them on the internet, knowing fully well that when someone who is interested in your business and what you see reads your blog post, there’s a high chance of you getting a sale, depending on how much traffic you drive to the blog.
How does a blog help your business? See it as telling Internet users every single detail about your product without having to tell them again after they contact you.

Starting a blog today is one of the easiest skill anyone can have, you don’t need to pay anyone for that. This blog post HERE talks about the step by step guide on how you can start up a new blog and grow it within 1 day.

Use Social Media

And Yes, The Use of Social Media for your business is the beginning of improving your sales by 30%. Social Media websites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc. has grown today to be one of the best ways to grow your business and not just the fun part involved. Do You know could reach about 1000 people per day by just running a Facebook Ads for your business without stress.

Billions of people use this platform, and that makes it easy for your business to grow. All these platforms listed above all have their premium plan for Advertising, but then, they also support free business posting.
How do I use Social Media for my business? Create an account, start using them, post your products on Facebook, Advertise them on Twitter, Use great product images for Pinterest & Instagram, Tell Snapchat about your product, Share on you WhatsApp status and with friends, and repeat this daily — See how your business would boost with time.

Use Online Budget Tracking Tool

Now It all gets back to Money Usage, This tools simply helps by Tracking how much or how less You consume in your business. This is a very powerful technology tool that most successful business use to track their spending, profit, expenses, budgets etc.

Some important Spending & Budgeting tools are;

Employ IT / Tech Personnels

After all this listed above, You’ll most definitely need a tech geek to handle most of these work, and that’s where ‘Employing an IT person’ comes in. Some how, What some people do is; they employ this people to teach and put them through things only.


Technology should be a part of your business, Let it be a source where you gain more customers and live a better life with Technology.
Feel free to add your experience about how technology has served you well in your business today.

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