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How To Repair A Laptop That Turns On, But Doesn’t Display


In this article, We’ll be making brief illustrations on troubleshooting, repair, and Solution to general display problems on a laptop. Sometimes, you may keep wondering why your laptop just accidentally stops displaying after you turn it on. Technical issues on computers can’t be predicted at times because Humans health can’t always be completely standard. A laptop may also force shutdown then bring some other issues. let’s get to the display troubleshooting and solutions.

The keyboard light blink

The Keyboard does not function as input hardware, it also helps to troubleshoot and detect the problem in computers.  Check for blinks to detect the problem on your computer. let’s start.

3 Error blink

This is the number of count on the keyboard randomly counts beeps. The beeps are obviously simultaneous. If your laptop gives 3 beeps with sounds like 1-2-3 then stops, it means The laptop has a Memory error and this tends to be very easy or hard. it depends on the brand of your laptop.


You need to locate the location of the memory slot and replace it. It means you need a screwdriver and a soft brush in order to do this. Just open the cover of the memory slot and move the iron clips on both sides to open the memory space. Then remove the memory on slot one and replace it in slot two. Do the same thing to the second memory.

The constant light. (Static light)

That means the laptop is switched on but it is displaying a static light on the keyboard. It means the problem is from the VGA (video graphics adapter).


This is a quick hack you can do. Just open the screen of the laptop, get a towel and wrap it round the laptop so it can cover the heat control centre. We’ll be using the alternative heating method. Now, plug the laptop, wrap it well with a towel so Air can’t pass through it. Mind you, the screen is opened while doing this in order to avoid damaging the screen. Then, switch the laptop on and leave it for 20 minutes and switch it off. Leave it to get cool for like 20 minutes again (unplugged). Switch it on and there’s your laptop working.

Wrap your laptop like this to make the operation faster

Caps lock works.

If you click your Caps lock and it works normally, This means the problem is on your main screen and I’ll advise that you consult a professional technician to avoid the total destruction of your laptop.


Trying to fix the VGA may not really work the way you want, so you need to be careful. If the problem is really from the VGA, it means your laptop is already packing up and needs to be replaced. Try not to force wake your VGA by heating more than 5 times. You may just kill the mother booard.

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