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How to Turn an Abandoned Torchlight Into an Alternative Sower Supply


Let me start by telling you that there’s no limit to how the mind can manoeuvre or scale through difficulties. This is a simple way to turn your old Torchlight into an alternative light when there is no light or power supply and How to charge it in simple steps. I’ll be teaching you How to use your old devices to make life easier for your self.

Needed Materials

  • An Old Torchlight (Get as many as you want but be careful in selecting)
  • A working phone charger with a USB port.
  • A 4.2v Rechargeable battery (Doubled)
  • A flexible wire or old available wires. very long to get to the point you want.
  • An old (on and off) simple switch.
  • A Screw Driver

Lets start.

Step 1

Disassemble the old torchlight with your screwdriver if required. Then carefully cut out the wires of the light from the end then unscrew the diverging lens to make the light shine around the house.

Step 2

Set up the location where you want to place the light and screw or glue it to that position. I advise people to position it up (the ceiling, top side of the wall, beside the top light of the house or anywhere. just let it be at the top part where it can shine around the room.

Step 3

Connect your long wires on both sides then align it neatly till it is almost not visible so you can keep your idea special. make sure the wire you are using is either silver or copper coated and must be very flexible. Test the sides of the wires with the battery and see if it works. Better still, use a meter to take the positive and negative readings.

Step 4

Connect the wire to line downwards and then connect your switch to it so it can always switch off. connecting a switch is a one way thing. just let one of the wires go straight and cut the other one. Join one wire to the first end and join the other wire to the second end then connect the switch to the final ends of both joined wires.

Step 5

Permanently connect the wires to the Battery so it can work properly then flip your switch to confirm if it is working. Make your settings inviting.

Step 6

Add your USB wire to the top end of the battery that one connects to the positive and the other to the negative. Do it correctly. Red to Red and Black to Black. Make your connections inviting and beautiful.

We hope this adds value to you.

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