Some Core Reasons Why Every Developer Should Start a Blog

Here's why you should own a blog as a programmer or developer. It'll help you.

Why should you start a blog as a developer/programmer? Here’s why

In case you’re hoping to make the most out of your programming profession, becoming well known is the most ideal approach to open up lots of chances.

The most ideal approach to do this is by starting your own special programming blog. Most definitely, not ever developers or programmer have to do this in order to have a great career, however, the advantages are gigantic for a relatively small time commitment.

The sort of blog that will most profit your career as a developer is one that develops your name in your industry. For instance, Scott Hanselman has become well known as a specialist in Windows programming language generally through his blog.

The guides and step below should give you some core reason why you should start a blog as a developer/programmer.

1. Market Yourself

Blogging is an amazing method to advertise yourself. How does this work? It implies that individuals/people get much more aware of you. So for instance, Let’s say you’re applying for a new job, it could possibly be that your new supervisor definitely knows your blog. So it is more likely that you would be offered that job or position. In fact, sometimes you don’t need to apply for a job, Employers would find you. Or let’s say you want to write a book: If individuals know you already, all things considered, they will purchase your book. Similar remains constant for publishing an application.

Obviously, you can likewise advertise yourself just via web-based networking media, social media, yet a blog is your own place on the web. Also, that is obviously superior to being simply in another person’s place.
Well, another reason is;

2. You Learn by Teaching

It is frequently said that teaching is perhaps the most ideal method of learning. However, You may find it hard to find interested students physically, when what you are teaching is little and arbitrary bits of information or thoughts. In this aspect, you don’t have to search for students as you blog. The fact that you share something that’s useful and interesting, at some point, the individuals who may profit by it will find it, make use of it, and come back. Search engines will serve your blog/website post to the individuals who search for it. Isn’t this magnificent? You work on sharing (and learning and also learning) what you can and when you can. Individuals will discover it when they have to. Everybody benefits!

Another huge advantage of blogging is that, after some time, it will end up being your knowledge repository. If you need to look up a problem you solved a few years, all you need to do is search your blog and BOOM, that’s the solution, You have it.

3. Grow Your Skill as a developer/programmer

The fact that you are blogging on a regular basis, even if its a post per day, you will do a ton of research for your blog posts. So, definitely you will learn. But then, There’s something I find out when you own a blog: There are a lot of things I thought I knew. But when I’m composing a blog about that topic, I’m gaining some new useful knowledge about that subject. That is the motivation behind why you state “The most ideal approach to master something is to teach it.”

4. Make Some Passive Income

There are a lot of people out there who have made a pretty good living from their blogs. Chris Spooner is an amazing example of such an individual. He brings in cash from advertising, his mailing list, premium access individuals and associate deals. Imagine having that feeling that you didn’t just have to rely on your paycheck to get by.

Trust me, your reader can become your client if you offer them something really good. Here are a few examples;

  • Freelancing
  • Do 1 on 1 teaching online
  • Produce digital products, like books or screencasts
  • Do 1 on 1 teaching online
  • Start a podcast and find sponsor(s)

There are other ways that requires less work from you:

5. You Will Improve Your Writing Skill

Writing is an important skill for everybody, additionally for a developer since writing codes isn’t your solitary occupation as a developer/programmer. Rather, you need to document your code, compose messages, and bunches of other stuff that way. So writing a blog post would help improve your writing abilities.

I am additionally confronting the challenge that English isn’t my local language. However, I realize that it doesn’t make any sense to compose a blog in German, Spanish, Igbo, etc. So I had to start blogging in English and I realize that my English is definitely not great. But then, with each blog post, I am gaining some new useful knowledge, so my English is improving as I continue blogging.

Some other reasons why you should start a blog is because You’ll have a lot of fun. Finding new ideas to write about is one interesting thing when it comes to blogging. Again, You’ll help other people, knowing fully well that there are lots of people out there who need a solution, information, or maybe assistance. People would thank You and tell you that they’ve learned something from You, that alone give joy 😊.


Its not going to be easy managing a blog and also being a developer at the same time, but the, I’ve met lots of people who are great developers/programmer, runs a YouTube platform, owning a successful blog, making money via they blogs and as well still code. So, its worth the effort.
There are lots of advantages to it, You should try it out — You would love it.

Originally published at on June 23, 2020.

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